About Us

We are global offshore experts with more than 10 years’ experience

As one of the world’s proven industry leaders, we employ over 200 staff, and currently administer over 12,000 client companies and trusts in more than 40 countries and offshore jurisdictions.

We have the breadth of experience, resources and technical skills to find creative solutions to complex problems for both private and corporate clients, and as an added-value partner to professional intermediaries.

While all our services are online, you are most welcome to visit any of our premises - located in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong and the Seychelles.
We take your confidentiality seriously

Our overriding aim is to ensure that our professional reputation and integrity, developed over many years, is based upon mutual trust; engendered by the maintenance of the highest ethical standards. These standards include the need to be seen to be professionally independent in all the work we do and to treat all information we receive from clients in the strictest professional confidence.

  • Our website is completely secure. The data entered by our customers on our websites is encrypted using SSL 128 bit certificate encryption.
  • Our IT infrastructure at our offices is secured at the highest level (in line with bank standards), in order to prevent any intrusion.
  • Our customer database cannot be printed or exported. Thus, all the confidential data or personal data of our customers is strictly confined to our offices.

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Tailored solutions from offshore experts

Our personal approach ensures continuity and achieves solutions that are custom-designed to specific objectives. Our commitment to clients ensures that our team members deliver these solutions efficiently and cost effectively.

We are an independent financial services provider

We operate at an arms-length basis with banking and other financial services organisations.

As an independent provider our services are frequently engaged by professionals or private banks to provide specialist services to their clients.

We deliberately position our services for intermediaries to add value to, but not replace the local advisers of the client or the intermediary.

A truly global corporate and trust service provider. Our multi-lingual team serves clients in more than 40 countries

Our multi-lingual team is deployed in a worldwide network of full-service offices delivering local expertise on a global scale. Our services and support are delivered, where possible, in the client’s spoken language.

Group-wide compliance and regulation

In an effort to protect both our clients and ourselves, we take our compliance and legal obligations very seriously. Where appropriate our offices have obtained the necessary license and are regulated. These offices include Madeira, Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Strong executive team – expert experience in offshore business

RCPSecure Global’s executive team offers expert experience in offshore business fields including:

  • Estate Planning: Companies, Trusts and Foundations
  • Banking
  • Company and Business Law
  • Insurance
  • Money issuers (Acquisition of DIRECT Merchant Accounts)

We are thus in a position to offer personalised solutions to all of our clients, taking into account their personal, fiscal and financial situation.

Please submit an enquiry and we will shall be more than happy to analyse your situation and to send you our suggestions.

Our business is built on quality service and the highest ethical standards
  • We are committed to providing a quality level of service.
  • Our values of quality, client focus, compliance and empowerment drives our behaviours.
  • We honour our personal and team commitments.
  • We anticipate and respond promptly to all concerns, problems, ideas and requests.
  • We behave in a legal, fair and balanced manner.


We deliver tailored Client Solutions around the Globe.

200+Worldwide Staff
11M$2021 Turnover
40Trading Countries
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Talents Behind Our Success

David Matthias De Witte
Legal Advisor (LEGAL AFFAIRS)

David Matthias De Witte is a sworn Law Practitioner in Germany and Belgium. David is an Accredited LLB and International Law Expert.

Hong Yun Lai
Financial Coordinator (Malta & Hong Kong)

Mr Lai looks after the company’s Financial aspects.

David Farell
Senior Legal Advisor & Head of International Operations

Looks after the Company’s Legal Infrastructure and Legal Foreign Affairs

Dylan Payne
Chief Technology Officer

Dylan Looks after the Company’s IT Infrastructure.

Amanda L. Bennett
Regional Director (International)

Amanda looks after project development, implementation and upgrading of the Company’s existing Products/Services.

January 06 2022.
New Appointment:
ALINA. M. MINERVA. 54. Joins the Team at RCPSecure Global LLC as the Business Lead for the ASEAN Countries.
Her roles consists to develop business opportunities in the ASEAN countries.

Our History

RCPSecure Global LLC was established in 2010 with a mission to help startups and SMEs to free their resources tied up to intimidating company administration tasks, and thus speed up the process of setting up and running a business, unleash their potential power for growth and expansion.

With a client-base of over 10,000 businesses, RCPSecure Global LLC specialize in company formation, banking assistance, accounting & auditing, legal administration and much more in over 40 countries across the globe.

Our proven IT strategy with usage of technology advancement along with long-term sustainable relationships in the industry allow us to deliver services at scale with minimum costs. Wherever you want to initialize your business, RCPSecure Global LLC can help to accelerate the process in a reliable and successful manner.


Registered as a Management Company in Illinois

Registered in the State of Illinois as a Management Company with specialty Finance Authorizations.  RCPSECURE GLOBAL(USA) LLC is registered under License Number 71783943-D.  RCPSECURE GLOBAL(USA) LLC is the main Group Company.


Incorporated as a Fintech Company

Incorporated as a Fintech Company in the Republic of Mauritius.
(Now the Company’s Sales & Finance Office)


Registered as an IBC Company in Malta

Registered as an IBC Holding Company.  CAPITAL MANAGEMENT HOLDING LIMITED is a Global Management Company registered under the MFSA Aegis to provide Global Business Incorporations.


Registered as a Specialty Company

DODOONE LIMITED, a Sister company of the RCPSecure Group of Companies.


    Some countries require you have an international business license to do business in their country. Also, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company that has its headquarters in a country that requires an international business license, you will need approval before having a stake in the company. Every country varies when it comes to requirements, but there a few basic steps to getting an international business license. RCPSecure Global LLC is a one-stop-shop hub who has to date structured over 4000 Global Business Licenses worldwide.


    7008 Cermak Rd, Berwyn IL 60402 United States.


    +1 708 490-4142