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Business is one thing, but when it comes to Humanitarian Aid, RCPSecure Global LLC Management excels at focussing on ways to help the most vulnerables. 

We have helped over 25 NGOs raising funds for a range of urgencies, these includes food programmes, funding for children attained of Autism, fund raising for children who who do not have the means to pay for their schooling and of course we helped NGOs raise enough capital to purchase COVID-19 medical masks during the pandemic. Over the past decade, we have seen major disruptions and at the pace the world is changing, we believe Corporations across the globe must work as one to make the world a better place for everyone.

Humanitarian Aid in Ethiopia. July 2020
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During the past decade, we had the immense opportunity to work with some of the famous world brands when it comes to humanity.

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We are men

As the world is seeing a ‘new normal’, we believe that the Corporate World must make much more progress when it comes to philanthropy rather than just focussing on profits.  

Human Aid Services

We capitalize on human efforts.

Global Pandemic

During the Global pandemic outbreak, our Volunteers in Johannesburg and UK helped a few NGOs to urgently connect to manufacturers of COVID-19 equipments.


Many a time when a country faces huge challenges, it is its Government who is most of the time the prime helper, so the Government connects to companies like us either to ease the process of an acquisition or even to excels at a humanitarian helping model.

Natural calamity

Since 2012, we have helped a number of NGOs raising funds to help those who has been affected by natural calamities such as typhoon, flood, fire, earthquake and many more...

Business Ideas

For years, our Volunteers and internal CSR Team has worked met 100s of ambitious Entrepreneurs wanting to bring state-of-art business idea. We are very proud to be the reason of someone's success. We have helped over 20 such Entrepreneurs world-wide whose projects has been very successful.

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    Some countries require you have an international business license to do business in their country. Also, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company that has its headquarters in a country that requires an international business license, you will need approval before having a stake in the company. Every country varies when it comes to requirements, but there a few basic steps to getting an international business license. RCPSecure Global LLC is a one-stop-shop hub who has to date structured over 4000 Global Business Licenses worldwide.


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