Labuan offshore company

Labuan offshore company

Malaysia Company Formation

  • Attractive tax efficiency
  • Reputable jurisdiction with high regard for economic liberty
  • Ease of operation, maintenance, and control
  • Maximum confidentiality and anonymity
  • The registration process is quick, simple and cost-efficient

Company Structures are Ideal for:

Intellectual Property Ownership (Trademarks, Patents)  |  International Trade/FOREX/GAMING/CRYPTO-CURRENCY EXCHANGE  |  Financial Corporations  |  E-commerce Business  |  Investment Holding Company  |  Asset Protection Entity


  • Passport of each shareholder/beneficial owner and director.
  • -**We can appoint a local nominee Director in case you do not want to disclose your name on the public domain, but you will have control over all your structures upon our internal Board resolutions. (350US$ per year per local nominee appointment)
  • Proof of residential address of each director and shareholder in English (not required if you are opting for a local nominee appointment service.
  • Company suffix for Malaysian entity: Berhad (BHD).


    • Timeframe: within 3 business days
    • 100% successful rate
    • Fast, easy & highest confidential via secured systems
    • Dedicated support officer (24/7)

    UNIQUE PRICE:  US$ 2500
    Renewal fee: 2400US$ per year
    (including yearly financial account & maintenance of company).

    Fee for a Business Bank Account Opening:
    (HSBC, DBS or CitiBank):
    Price:  US$ 750 (one-off fee)

    Fee for a Direct merchant account acquisition:
    (HSBC, DBS or CitiBank):
    Price:  US$ 1200  (one-off fee)


Company Limited by Shares

General Information
Type of Business Entity Labuan Company (Private Limited by Shares)
Corporate Income Tax Nil for Labuan non-trading activity
British Based Legal System Yes
Double Tax Treaty Access Yes
Incorporation Time Frame (Approx., days) 2-3 working days
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Corporate Directors Permitted No
Standard Authorized Capital/Shares 1,000 USD
Local Requirements
Registered Office/ Registered Agent Yes
Company Secretary No
Local Meetings Anywhere
Local Directors / Shareholders No
Publicly Accessible Records No
Annual Requirements
Annual Return Yes
Audited Accounts No for Holding companies
Incorporation Fees
Our Service Fee (1st year) US$ 2,500
Annual Renewal Fees
Our Service Fee ) US$ 2,400


3% of Audited Net Profit for trading activities.  No tax for Non-Trading activities.

Only for licensed companies and companies electing to pay 3% tax.

Nevertheless, there is still a requirement to keep accounts that will sufficiently show the financial position of the company. With increased compliance, it is common that most companies will be required to prepare at least management accounts.

US$ 2800<  US$2500


    Some countries require you have an international business license to do business in their country. Also, if you wish to be a major shareholder in a company that has its headquarters in a country that requires an international business license, you will need approval before having a stake in the company. Every country varies when it comes to requirements, but there a few basic steps to getting an international business license. RCPSecure Global LLC is a one-stop-shop hub who has to date structured over 4000 Global Business Licenses worldwide.


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